Milwaukee lion: Residents tense as several people 'spot big cat' roaming around the city

Authorities are not sure what kind of big cat has been spotted around the city

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Several residents in Milwaukee have reported seeing a lion roaming around the town, increasing tensions in Wisconsin's biggest city.

Video footage shows what looks like a large cat walking the streets in Milwaukee's Brewers Hill neighborhood, according to Sky.


Residents have called police with reports of seeing a lion and claim that videos they have seen show a "lion-ish creature", according to Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn.

The "lion-ish creature" was first spotted on Monday and others claim to have seen the cat in the intervening days, leading to fears in the city.

One man fired his gun at what he thought was a lion, but it ended up being a pit bull dog, whose leg was fractured by the shot, Sky reported.

At least one person has had a bit of fun with the reported lion on the loose, creating a Twitter account for the big cat.

It is not immediately clear where a lion may have come from. The Milwaukee zoo has said their lions are safe and accounted for.

Authorities say one possibility is that a wildcat from northern Wisconsin, who meandered south to Milwaukee.

Here are some more of the Tweets by the "Milwaukee lion".




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