Russian airline passengers leave 'unruly' traveller tied up with tape and seat belts

Video footage shows the man being forcibly restrained by at least four fellow passengers after an alleged drunken outburst

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Passengers on a Siberian Airlines flight physically restrained an allegedly unruly traveller, leaving him bound up in seatbelts and sticky tape.

A video of the incident, which occurred on a flight from Hong Kong this week, was posted on YouTube, showing the man being attacked by at least four people who beat and kick him, forcing him to the floor.


A report on RIA Vostok Media quoted a woman on the flight as alleging that the man had been drunk and behaved inappropriately, threatening and insulting the flight attendents.

Flight 546 was travelling from Hong Kong to Vladivostok.

Local police detained the man when the flight landed, according to the RIA report.

The Independent has contacted Siberian airlines for comment.