18-month-old to be TV star

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Cian Minagh will be bringing in the dough after becoming the youngest ever star of a Hovis commercial, at just 18 months old. He was only 16 months when he beat 40 hopefuls to the role, which features the youngster eating egg and soldiers in a farmhouse kitchen as part of the company's new pounds 5m.

His mother, Karen Egan, 26, said: "From about four months he was really photogenic.

"A lot of people kept coming up to me saying that he was a good looking baby and a friend of mine who used to be a model said he had the talent so I had some pictures done and gave it a go."

The pint-sized model, whose name in Gaelic means Celtic Warrior, was accepted onto the books of the Elizabeth Smith agency in his home town, Harlow, Essex.

Cian loves the attention that his new career brings. "In the future, if he doesn't want to continue modelling he will have a lot of videos and articles to look at, from when everybody recognised him," said his mother.