'Analyser' cashes in on cyber-hacking fame

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The "Analyser", an Israeli teenager who hacked his way to Internet fame by breaking into the Pentagon's computer, has begun cashing in on his cyber-assault.

Ehud Tenenbaum, 18, was featured yesterday in a full-page advertisement in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper for the EIM company's Newron computer. He appears next to the headline: "In order to get far, you need the best equipment."

Mr Tenenbaum, who was drafted into the Israeli army this week, has been under police investigation since he was tracked down last month with the help of the FBI.

He said in an interview published last week that he mounted the cyber- assault on the Pentagon for a "challenge" but that he had no malicious intentions.

Officials at EIM had been divided over whether to use Tenenbaum for its publicity.

"We absolutely don't condone what he did, but we see it as a juvenile act. He has an enormous knowledge of computers which can be put to positive use," EIM's director general Yoram Klein said.