Anti-war campaigners in last-ditch plea for peace

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CAMPAIGNERS left a sea of black ribbons last night following a candlelit vigil in opposition to military action against Iraq, writes Rosa Prince.

They tied the ribbons to trees and railings near Downing Street, where hundreds had met to listen to politicians and celebrities calling for a peaceful solution to the growing crisis.

Carrying banners reading "Don't Bomb Iraq" and "Please do not kill Iraqis", the crowd listened to speakers including Harold Pinter, the actress Frances de la Tour and Tony Benn MP. The gathering, organised by George Galloway MP, and the Emergency Committee on Iraq, was described as an "11th-hour vigil at Downing Street" and was held to protest at this week's Commons vote to approve the bombing campaign.

Three people were arrested for alleged breach of the peace when they tried to chain themselves to the railings outside Downing Street.