Arctic threat to weekend travel

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Britain was braced for another blast of Arctic weather this weekend with snow and freezing temperatures set to cause more misery for travellers.

Weathermen warned the latest cold snap would leave most of the country blanketed in snow tomorrow - with more expected during the week.

As the country shivered at the prospect of temperatures dipping to as low as minus 3C, forecasters said this winter may soon be comparable to the coldest year this century, when snow fell from December to March in 1946-1947.

A spokesman for the London Weather Centre said: "This winter is one of the wintriest we have had across the country in recent years. Temperatures will drop below freezing, with heavy rain and cold winds through Saturday. There could well be snow spreading from the North down through most of the country during Sunday."

And there will be little respite next week, with the South East taking the brunt of more snowfalls. "It will be very raw in the South East and more snow is expected during the week," the spokesman added.

AA Roadwatch said roads across the country were being gritted last night.