Are you a breezer, a poser, a steamer or just a boozer?

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THE LAGER lout has been replaced by seven distinct drinking types propping up the bars of Britain according to a survey.

The categories - steaming, posing, homing, savouring, Brooksiding, breezing and adapting - were identified in a poll of 3,000 drinkers aged between 18 and 50 by the Whitbread Beer Company.

"Breezers'' are cool sophisticates who drink for fun, like Anna in This Life. Getting drunk may be the end result but is not the purpose.

Leonardo DiCaprio or Liam Gallagher, are "steamers" whose intention is to fall down drunk.

A "Brooksider" has a rushed pint after work and dashes home before the soaps end.

A "poser" only drinks labelled bottled beers and chooses the bar for its image.

"Homers" try to escape domestic strife in the pub.

Inspector Morse and Ken Clarke are in the "savouring" category. Men over 35, they spend hours discussing the contents of their glass as well as swallowing it.

The "adapter" is the young drinker unsure how to fit in or what to order.