Beatles get back to where they once belonged

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Radio 1 is to devote an hour of prime-time listening to The Beatles today - using the band's latest single as the grand finale to the showpiece session.

The move follows the station's decision not to include the group's new song "Real Love" on its playlist. The exclusion order, which upset many fans, meant the track did not receive massive pre-release play and will not benefit from being regularly heard on daytime shows.

Despite this, however, the song came into the charts at number four this week, and Radio 1 said yesterday that it would set aside DJ Simon Mayo's entire Golden Hour, starting at 9am, to Beatles and Beatles-influenced music.

Radio 1 controller Matthew Bannister, said: "The Beatles are the greatest rock and roll band the world has ever known and have made the world's most influential music. Many current artists have been influenced by The Beatles and the hour will include work by those artists too."

Since Mr Bannister's arrival, Radio 1 has been redefining itself and cultivating a younger audience. As part of the process, the veteran rockers Status Quo have been excluded and the band intends to sue in an effort to get the policy reversed.