Blue movie-makers descend to Level 3

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They were the kind of scenes one can safely say were denied viewers of Airport, television's fly-on-the-wall documentary series. A bunch of builders and staff at Heathrow airport could scarcely believe their eyes when they came across a blonde porn star laid semi-naked across a car bonnet in one of the airport car parks.

On top of Georgette Neale on a chilly November afternoon was fellow performer was Vincent Curran. Lookouts were keeping guard.

"The Crown say it would outrage anybody of moral decency," Isleworth Crown Court heard yesterday. Justin Bearman, prosecuting, said the activities on Level 3 of the Terminal 4 car park (short-stay) were "lewd, obscene and disgusting". The scenes only came to an end when the blue movie-makers were finally interrupted by car park staff, it was alleged.

Kareen Sulaiman told how he was in the car park as a "courtesy patroller" when he stumbled upon the film-makers. "I saw a leg of a young girl lying down on the bonnet of a big silver Vauxhall car ... there was a man between her legs. Another man was filming them and two others were roaming around to signal whenever anyone was coming in that direction." He said that as soon as the lookouts spotted him approaching, they warned the others and 23-year-old Ms Neale and Mr Curran, 35, stopped what they were doing.

As the woman, whom he described as young with bleached-blonde shoulder- length hair, "slid" off the bonnet to do up her long dark coat, the man moved away and zipped up his flies. But that was far from the end of it, Mr Sulaiman claimed. He went away to alert his manager and by the time they returned, the couple seemed to be at it again.

The manager went to have a word with the film-makers while Mr Sulaiman asked the car park receptionist to ring the police. "I felt upset about what I saw. It was immoral and outrageous." he said.

As the film-makers drove off, they attempted to destroy the videotape. But police who blocked their getaway on one of the car park's slip roads managed to retrieve it. The four-woman and eight-man jury are to view what police experts were able to restore of the allegedly steamy scenes.

Mr Bearman said Mr Wright insisted they had only been filming buildings. Ms Neale initially claimed sexual activity had not taken place and she "would not get involved in anything like that".

But when confronted with the restored video, she told police she could not deny involvement but that the activity had not taken place in the car park.

Georgette Neale, of Waltham Abbey, Essex, and Vincent Curran, of Kingsheath, Northampton, each deny two charges of outraging public decency. Each count concerns a separate sexual act. Cameraman Duncan Wright, 50, of Radford, Coventry, and James Wright, aged 20 and no relation, of Wigston, Leicestershire, each plead not guilty to two charges of aiding and abetting an indictable offence.

The trial continues. -