Ahead of the Business Game

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A TEAM from Ernst & Young's Glasgow office is leading the field in this year's Business Game, run by the University of East Anglia and sponsored by Norwich Union in association with the Independent.

Winners and runners-up in the first round will compete again on 9 March.

Teams play in groups of five (denoted in the tables below by initials in the left-hand column). The game tests their investment and management skills.

Readers wanting to try their hand can join an introductory round in May. Contact: David Ward, UEA, Norwich, NR4 7TJ.

----------------------------------------------------------------- GAME WINNERS ----------------------------------------------------------------- Group Final profit in pounds m MA 12.59 M & G (Chelmsford) MB 14.76 South East Essex Sixth Form College (Benfleet) MC 14.93 Knight Piesold & Partners (Ashford) MD 15.02 Girobank (Bootle) ME 14.20 CMAC Microcircuits (Great Yarmouth) MF 18.92 Bernard Matthews (Norwich) MG 14.66 Bernard Matthews (Norwich) MH 15.55 Private entry (London) MI 14.62 Larking Gowen (Norwich) MJ 15.74 Sir William Halcrow & Partners (Stockport) MK 13.43 National Power (Harrogate) ML 10.10 Touche Ross (Bracknell) MM 16.82 KPMG Peat Marwick (London) MN 19.42 KPMG Peat Marwick (London) MO 15.91 Larking Gowen (Norwich) MP 20.43 Ernst & Young (Glasgow) MQ 16.51 Barclays Bank (Poole) MR 12.22 Pitman-Moore (Uxbridge) MS 17.00 Redifon (Crawley) MT 15.83 Levy Gee (London) MU 12.92 Business & Technology Education C1. (London) MV 15.14 Vitramon (Wooburn Green) MW 13.03 Eastern Electricity (Kings Lynn) MX 15.43 Ernst & Young (Leeds) MY 14.65 Cast Metals Development (Birmingham) MZ 11.38 KPMG Peat Marwick (Liverpool) SA 10.52 Stephenson Harwood (London) SB 15.39 NEI Parsons (Newcastle upon Tyne) SC 8.16 UEA (Norwich) SD 17.25 Titmuss Sainer & Webb (London) SE 11.36 Robson Rhodes (Cambridge) SF 11.94 KPMG Peat Marwick (Milton Keynes) SG 13.13 Scottish Hydro-Electric (Peterhead) SH 5.53 Finers (London) SI 11.31 Lucas Management Systems (Hayes) SJ 9.68 Hart Brown & Co (Guildford) SK 12.89 ICL (Stevenage) SL 11.09 Polytechnics & Colleges Funding Council (Bristol) SM 14.34 KPMG Peat Marwick (Guildford) SN 11.91 Price Waterhouse (Windsor) SO 11.49 R Watson & Sons (Reigate) SP 12.68 Bonds of Norwich (Norwich) SQ 11.09 KPMG Peat Marwick (Chelmsford) SR 9.01 Brecher & Co (London) SS 15.33 Lee Crowder (Birmingham) ST 15.98 Grant Thornton (Leicester) SU 16.08 BDO Binder Hamlyn (Bury St Edmunds) SV 13.25 London University (London) SW 12.07 Coopers & Lybrand (London) SX 13.02 Whatman Paper (Maidstone) SY 13.28 Oakham School (Oakham) SZ 12.97 London University (London) UA 15.50 Private entry (Norwich) UB 13.29 Leeds University (Leeds) UC 15.24 Private entry (Harrogate) UD 17.70 KPMG Peat Marwick (Guildford) UE 12.75 M & G (Chelmsford) -----------------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------------- RUNNERS-UP ----------------------------------------------------------------- Group Final profit in pounds m MA 12.04 Private entry (Plymouth) MB 13.35 Private entry (London) MC 14.06 Lombard North Central (Redhill) MD 14.25 Bernard Matthews (Norwich) ME 13.38 Bernard Matthews (Norwich) MF 13.10 EDS-Scicon (Cambridge) MG 14.47 Confederation Life (Stevenage) MH 13.03 Bernard Matthews (Norwich) MI 13.06 Courtaulds Research (Coventry) MJ 12.58 Buzzacott & Co (London) MK 12.09 Quidnunc (London) ML 9.97 Jarrolds (Norwich) MM 13.53 NW Reinsurance Corporation (Norwich) MN 13.68 Goymour Developments (Banham) MO 10.98 KPMG Peat Marwick (Southampton) MP 14.34 Trafalgar House (London) MQ 15.16 Private entry (Stevenage) MR 9.04 KPMG Peat Marwick (Nottingham) MS 10.44 Wavetek (Norwich) MT 10.57 KPMG Peat Marwick (Norwich) MU 10.80 Scientific Drilling Controls (Aberdeen) MV 14.13 KPMG Peat Marwick (Preston) MW 12.897 Bechtel (London) MX 14.45 Burges Salmon (Bristol) MY 12.52 KPMG Peat Marwick (Liverpool) MZ 10.57 Price Waterhouse (Edinburgh) SA 8.22 Building Design Partnership (Preston) SB 12.69 Stephenson Harwood (London) SC 8.01 Napier University (Edinburgh) SD 11.63 UEA (Norwich) SE 10.92 Ashurst Morris Crisp (London) SF 9.57 Ashurst Morris Crisp (London) SG 11.72 Post Office (Norwich) SH 5.49 UEA (Norwich) SI 8.12 Compair Broomwade (High Wycombe) SJ 7.48 Coopers & Lybrand (Milton Keynes) SK 7.10 UEA (Norwich) SL 8.79 Audit Commission (St Helens) SM 9.33 Touche Ross (Manchester) SN 6.94 ICL (Stevenage) SO 10.38 Dickinson Dees (Newcastle upon Tyne) SP 10.06 Eastern Electricity (Norwich) SQ 7.78 UEA (Norwich) SR 8.25 Rover Group (Swindon) SS 12.65 Leeds University (Leeds) ST 10.92 Williams de Broe (London) SU 14.63 Grant Thornton (Leicester) SV 12.76 Lilly Industries (Windlesham) SW 10.28 UEA (Norwich) SX 12.94 UEA (Norwich) SY 12.33 UEA (Norwich) SZ 8.49 Evershed Wells & Hind (Nottingham) UA 11.05 WRC (Marlow) UB 12.93 Dista Products (Liverpool) UC 12.63 Shell UK (London) UD 14.81 Shell UK (London) UE 12.09 UEA (Norwich) -----------------------------------------------------------------