Bargain Hunter: Deal of the week

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Are you the kind of borrower who, on the one hand, wants a fixed rate for the peace of mind it brings but, on the other hand, also likes the idea of a discounted mortgage because you hope rates will fall further?

Chase De Vere Mortgage Management allows you both options at the same time. Fifty per cent of its loan, available on an LTV of up to 90 per cent, offers a two-year discount of 1.65 per cent, giving an effective rate today of 5.2 per cent. There are no redemption penalties on this half of the loan. The other 50 per cent of the loan is linked to a five- year fixed rate of 5.49 per cent. A redemption penalty of four months' interest applies during the fixed-rate period, but 25 per cent of the loan can be repaid at any stage without penalty. There is a pounds 300 completion fee. Call 0171-930 7242.