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SMALL ISN'T always beautiful. Take the Ford Ka, or Kay-Ay, as dealers call it. You either love it or loathe it. Odd-looking from most angles, the Ka was at least proof that Ford were no longer going to make unremarkable and merely adequate cars. Even so, it is very slow, with an ancient engine and high price-tag. Plus points? The engine had been reworked to make it more refined and responsive, and, better still, used Ka prices are on the floor. Chronic oversupply and a public still confused - not to say occassionally repulsed - by the styling have stopped this shopper taking up residence on suburban drives, so there are lots around. At the Car Depot (01226 733353) in Barnsley, I have found three similar 1998 models with 15K mileages and all at the same pounds 5,549 asking-price.

James Ruppert