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A MORTGAGE at 7.99 per cent, fixed until 1 January 2000, is being offered by the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society. The maximum loan will be for 85 per cent of the property value, and buildings and contents insurance must be taken out through the society. Details on 01733 391 497.

A PERSON who has previously been a named driver on someone else's policy can now take out his or her own insurance with a maximum no-claims bonus - provided he or she has not made a claim in the previous four years. For more information on Premium Search's Additional Cover Plan, call 0800 109876.

BANK OF IRELAND is offering a mortgage at 5.99 per cent, fixed until 1 August 1997, with loans up to 95 per cent of property value. Competitive deals for one, three and five years are also available. Call 01734 393 393.