Bunhill: Blacklisted

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THE latest story that paints BA in a different light from the one the marketing men would have us believe comes from Deborah Saloom in San Diego, California.

In August 1990, B George Saloom, her husband, was going to work at the Bank of Kuwait. He chose to fly with BA but picked the wrong flight, BA 149 - the one grounded by the Iraqi invasion.

B George spent months holed up in the US embassy in Kuwait. On his release, he went home to recuperate and to start a lengthy legal action for compensation against BA.

When he came to return to Kuwait, he flew first-class with BA - even though his claim against the airline was still rumbling on. At the check-in, his baggage was just over the weight limit. Instead of waving it through, the assistant demanded a surcharge after checking with a colleague. 'His name showed up on the computer,' said Deborah. 'They were warned to be careful - anything they did for him might be construed as compensation and accepting liability.' The list of names must be growing daily.