Bunhill: Crazy chopper

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THE chief executive of Monument Oil and Gas, Tony Craven Walker, was giving nothing away about his future plans last week as he announced half-year profits of pounds 3.4m.

While he mulls over his options - he could sell out as he has done with previous ventures, or he may well go on prospecting - at least he has the luxury of the late Robert Maxwell's helicopter.

Craven Walker bought the whirly bird from the receivers in a state of some neglect. Since then, the gallant oilman has refurbished the machine out of his own pocket but, for old times sake, has left a typically Maxwellian device untouched.

If proof were needed that the fat man was truly bonkers, Craven Walker imparts the following. Situated above the passenger seat, Maxwell had installed a switch that meant he could bypass the pilot and speak direct to the control tower. Apparently, he would often berate air traffic controllers who kept him waiting.

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