Bunhill: Flashpoint in the VIP lounge

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IT never rains but pours - at least where hapless BA is concerned. Still reeling from having its dirty tricks aired in public by Richard Branson, the airline is facing allegations of 'absolutely disgraceful' behaviour from none other than John Cleese.

The Fawlty Towers star (left) has written to the airline asking whether, as he suspects, it provides the press with passenger lists on Concorde and other long-haul flights. A frequent BA flyer, he said he wondered how photographers seemed to know of his travel plans. He informed me: 'I was recently told by a contact that it is absolutely standard for them to issue the passenger lists to the press.'

Cleese fumed: 'If I discover that they are doing this, I may decide not to fly with them. And I hope a lot of other people do the same. If there's any truth in it, then it's a typical example of an underhand plan to get publicity.'

BA has told Cleese it is looking into the allegations. He is not likely to be pacified. 'The reason the photographers are there is that they know what flights are likely to attract celebrities,' said a spokesman.

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