Bunhill: Numbers game

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A WARNING. Recently Bunhill's office was visited by a dour-looking DSS inspector. He wanted the National Insurance number of a colleague - in fact he demanded it.

But why? The fellow in question has always paid his contributions and is, as far as I know, an honest and upright man.

All has been revealed. He was put on the mailing list of a new magazine called Games & Puzzles.

In July, Games & Puzzles had its offices raided by a gentleman from the DSS, who brandished a warrant card issued by the Secretary of State. He demanded details of everyone who had any dealings with the fledgling venture.

Paul Lamford, a director of the company, says that he reluctantly gave him a list of '150 or so suppliers'.

But he is furious. 'Words like police state come to mind,' he mutters.

And Lamford has other examples of companies being visited and records demanded. One fellow he knows of was so infuriated that he has written to Peter Lilley demanding an explanation.

Lamford himself has written to his local MP, Chris Smith, asking him to raise the matter in the House with Lilley. Watch this space.