Business and City Summary

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More financial jobs expected to go

Banks, finance and insurance companies will continue to shed staff according to research commissioned by Centec, the training and enterprise agency.

Dr Paul Joyce and Professor Adrian Woods, of Brunel University, estimate that nearly two- fifths of workers in the finance sector have been made redundant over the past three years and say the trend will be unchanged.

Change of tune

Jazz FM, the independent London radio station, is to change its name to JFM 102.2 following market research that suggested listeners thought the station broadcast only jazz records.

Traders defect

Two dozen ferrous metal traders from the commodities dealer Marc Rich & Co have resigned and set up a new firm, to be called Profer. The group, led by Omah Shah, objected to a reorganisation of the employee share of Rich's equity onwership.

TODAY 9.5.94

Credit business for March.

Interims: API Group, MMT Computing, Sidlaw Group.

Finals: Babcock International, N Brown Group, Chartwell Group, Jos Holdings, Parkland Group, Prowting.

TOMORROW 10.5.94

Housing starts and completions for March. Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin.

Interims: Bearing Power International, General Accident, Holmes & Marchant, Kwik Save, Ptarmigan International, Capital Trust, Vaux Group.

Finals: Arlen, Chesterfield Properties, Drayton Blue Chip Trust, Dunloe House Group, Schroder Korea Fund, Time Products, Willis Corroon.


Index of production for Scotland (fourth quarter). UK index of production (March).

Interims: Avon Rubber, J Bibby & Sons, Chemex International, City Merchants High Income, Commercial Union, Greenalls Group, Jersey Phoenix Trust, Lynx Holdings, Morgan Grenfell Equity, Overseas Investment Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Dutch Shell, J Sainsbury, Schroder Split Fund.

Finals: Chiroscience, Fleming Far Eastern, Rea Holdings, Jefferson Smurfit, Scottish Power.

THURSDAY 12.5.94

Details of employment, unemployment, earnings, prices and other indicators. February balance of visible trade.

Interims: AG Holdings, Grand Metropolitan, Huntingdon International, Jersey Electricity, Morgan Grenfell Equity, Overseas Inv Trust, Shaftesbury.

Finals: Bank of Ireland, Capital House International Growth Funds, City of Oxford Investment Trust, James Finlay, French Connection, Halkin Holdings, T J Hughes, I&S UK Smaller Companies Trust.

FRIDAY 13.5.94

April usable steel production, capital issues and redemptions.

Interims: F&C Eurotrust, Fleming Chinese Investment Trust, Johnson Fry Second Utilities, Northern Industrial Improvement Trust, PWS Holdings, Telegraph, Unilever.

Finals: Appleby Westward Group, Value & Income Trust.