Business on Sunday's Independent 100: Does your firm measure up?

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SINCE the Independent on Sunday, in association with Price Waterhouse, the accountants, launched its annual survey of Britain's fastest-growing companies in 1990, the sector's importance to the economy has been increasingly recognised.

Not only are these companies significant sources of wealth, they are also creating more jobs than publicly quoted counterparts. Here is your chance to see if your organisation is among these success stories.

Rules and conditions of entry:

1) Companies must be unquoted and based and incorporated in the UK.

2) Groups of companies may apply if total sales figures comply with (3) and (8) below, but entries from selected subsidiaries are not eligible.

3) Companies must be able to submit audited sales of a minimum of pounds 500,000 for their financial year that ended during the 12 months to 30 June 1990.

4) Companies must submit sales figures for their financial year that ended during the 12 months to 30 June 1994. The most recent financial year-end that will be considered is 30 June 1994.

5) The accounts relating to the most recent period of trading as defined in (4) above must show a pre-tax profit. Profit details will not be published or disclosed to other parties.

6) To qualify for the separate Middle Market Award, companies must be able to submit either audited sales figures of a minimum of pounds 5m for their financial year that ended during the 12 months to 30 June 1990, or audited sales figures of a minimum of pounds 15m for their financial year that ended during the 12 months to 30 June 1994.

7) The company's auditors must certify the information relating to sales, pre-tax profit and employee numbers on the entry form, and the status of the company throughout the period.

8) Sales are defined as the value to the company (or group of companies) of goods and services provided, excluding VAT, out of the core company (or group of companies), together with any other companies that have been acquired during the five-year period; sales of associated companies and joint ventures should be excluded.

9) Average employee numbers are to be calculated on a consistent basis to (8) above.

10) The length must be stated of each accounting period for which sales, pre-tax profits and employee details are submitted. Where the duration of the accounting period is not 12 months, the sales details will be apportioned unless more accurate information is supplied.

11) Companies must submit a copy of their audited statutory accounts for the most recent qualifying financial period.

12) The decision of the business editor of the Independent on Sunday is final in all matters concerning Business on Sunday's Independent 100.

13) The Independent on Sunday reserves the right to publish the information supplied.

14) Completed certified entry forms must be received by Julie Harwood, Business on Sunday's Independent 100, Price Waterhouse, Southwark Towers, 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SY, not later than Friday, 24 February 1995.