Cashpoints: Egg in the shop window

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Egg, Prudential's bank, has launched the UK's cheapest permanent credit card (9.9 per cent APR) rate coupled with an online shopping guarantee against fraud. It is ideal for internet shoppers as the firm is also creating a special shopping area on its website. For more details go to

Many people don't know what to do with an unexpected lump sum, beyond putting it into the building society. Independent financial adviser Towry Law has put together a guide. For a copy call 0845-788 9933.

M&G is launching a Global Managed Bond Fund, the first UK bond "fund of funds" made up of 10 bond and fixed interest funds. The fund will be ISA eligible, with a pounds 10 regular saving minimum. To register for a launch pack call 0800-389 8600.

Leeds & Holbeck BS is offering a guaranteed return on its Tessa ISA, set up for people who have money from a maturing Tessa account. Savers can put up to pounds 9,000 capital from their Tessas into the ISA. The rate is 6.75 per cent, guaranteed for three years. Details in branches or telephone 0500-225 777.

The National Canine Defence League is the latest charity to launch a credit card. The Bank of Scotland card pays pounds 2.50 to NCDL when the card is taken out and then again after eight and 20 months. There is also a 25p donation for every pounds 100 you spend. The APR is 11.9 per cent for six months and then a rather less competitive 19.9 per cent. Call 020-7837 0006.