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Ben & Jerry's, the New England company known for its unusual ice cream flavours, is holding a competition to name a new UK flavour.

Front runners include two flavours based on the antics of the Royal family: the Charles and Diana Split and Vanilla Parker Bowles. Sadly, no Fergie flavours have been suggested, possibly due to poor sales forecasts of a toe flavour.

Dark horses include a Hugh Grant Special, known as the Cashew Nut Crunch. This flavoursome delicacy, thought to be already available in various Hollywood outlets, is described as ice cream with ground cashew nuts in a Divine Brown nut sauce. Final judging will take place in September.

A new career move for Matthew Doull, thrusting young nephew of Conrad Black, proprietor of the Daily Telegraph. Mr Doull, 25, is leaving the Telegraph at the end of the month to become associate publisher of Wired, the Internet magazine which launched in the UK four months ago and is the fastest growing magazine in America.

Wired sounds perfect for Mr Doull. At the Telegraph he worked as electronic publishing manager and also launched the Electronic Telegraph on the Net. He was travelling to America yesterday to meet fellow Wired types so was unavailble to talk about his new job. However Mrs Doull, better known to Independent readers as columnist Vicky Ward, describes him as an Internet junkie: "I knew when I married him that I would always have competition from a computer," she said.

Henry Newrick, president of Caribbean Marine Recovery, which hopes to raise up to $10m on the Alternative Investment Market to raise sunken Spanish treasure ships, believes there is more than just gold to be won from the shipwrecked galleons. Some of the richest prizes could be the astrolabes which 17th century sailors used as navigation aids. These have been valued at up to $500,000 in good condition. Clearly not everyone is aware of their value; one salvor came across an old fisherman in the Bahamas who was using three astrolabes as weights at the end of his fishing gear.

A new survey on ethics and the workplace reveals some interesting findings. One third of managers have confessed to appointing staff because of their sex appeal rather than their qualifications ; one in 10 say they would promote an employee as a reward for sleeping with them. According to the survey in Ventures magazine, a further 26 would consider monitoring personal phone calls.