Ben Chu: The second coming of the Red Knights?

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Outlook If Jim O'Neill had a pound every time his 2001 "Brics" acronym was uttered, the Goldman Sachs man's bank balance would be one of the world's fastest-growing economies in its own right.

But successful acronyms aren't much use when it comes to office politics. Mr O'Neill is leaving Goldman as rumours proliferate that he wasn't given the opportunity to revamp the Wall Street giant's wealth-management arm.

He hasn't announced what he is doing next. But at 55 he's unlikely to retire to a little cottage called "Dunanalysin". He threw his hat in the ring for the Bank of England Governor's job last year, suggesting an appetite for another big job.

As a disgruntled Manchester United fan here's my plea: how about resurrecting the 2010 Red Knights project to take the club out of the clutches of the Glazer family?

"Now there's an idea!" Mr O'Neill told me when I put the idea to him. Forget about the Brics and Threadneedle Street, Jim: Old Trafford needs you!