James Moore: 'Nuclear blackmail' game is proving a waste of energy


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Outlook It seems we’re still wasting energy on game playing when it comes to the planned new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

Up to 400 contractor jobs are at risk because the French state-owned EDF Energy won’t start work until a “final investment decision” has been made.

Unions have called on the French company to explain itself, complaining that it’s the second time its done this.

Heard the term “nuclear blackmail” before? EDF is acting up like this because it can. That’s what you get when you leave yourself in hock to another country for your energy needs.

Apparently there will be 250 workers remaining on site to continue getting things ready for construction to start. If it starts.

But this should really have been settled a long time ago and because it hasn’t been, the next government is going to find itself having to add this problem to its long list of headaches.