Simon English: Have you fallen forthe Domino's theory?

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Outlook Domino's Pizza is a terrific company. A business success story. Some statistics:

Online sales in the past year up 43 per cent to £183m. Profits up nearly 15 per cent to £44m. Total sales up 9.3 per cent to £530m.

Some other statistics from the doctor of an habitual consumer: blood pressure 160/120. Resting heart beat 119. Blood sugar levels: restricted to close family only.

And some more: safety score for the delivery chaps on the mopeds: 0. Pension payments to hard working staff in franchises: 0. Hours worked by typical franchisee: 27 a day, most days.

Calories in one Medium Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza: nearly 2,000.

Domino's is a terrific company. A business success story. Management have hit on an excellent model for giving people what they want at the least risk to the company's capital. They are those entrepreneur types we keep being told to admire.

The shares have boomed in the past five years. You should have bought some.