Simon English: Why we should all say cheers to Adnams

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Outlook Firmly in the companies-to-admire category is Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer. Even if you don't love its beer (bit thin, not enough of a creamy head) the way it goes about its business is hard not to like.

Like all pub and beer companies it is beleaguered by a tax regime that looks increasingly unfair and an economy that leaves folk with less to spend down the local.

It notes these things, but not in the moaning way employed by certain industries at every single possible inconvenience to their activities.

Times are hard, but we'll get on with it, is the attitude of chairman Jonathan Adnams.

Figures out yesterday show sales up to £54.6m, and profits steady at £3.3m. Beer prices, which are shooting up everywhere, have been held at Adnams for a fourth year running.

Adnams' approach is to think long term, build trust with staff and customers, and take pride in what it sells. It's a refreshing approach. Be nice to see it really catch on.