Companies in Brief

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Sirdar, maker of yarns, curtains and floor coverings, pushed pre-tax profits from pounds 4.6m to pounds 5.05m in the year to 30 June. Final dividend is 3.5p, making a total unchanged at 5.15p.

James Beattie, the department store group, fell to pounds 1.8m (pounds 2.4m) pre-tax profit in the six months to 31 July. Interim dividend is held at 1.4p.

Porvair, synthetic materials maker, edged ahead to pounds 758,000 (pounds 670,000) pre-tax profit in the six months to 31 May. Interim dividend is 1.2p (1.1p).

Half year to 30 June

Bodycote International, metal technology and industrial safety products group, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 6.4m ( pounds 5.5m). Interim dividend is raised to 3.75p (3.5p).

Sema Group, provider of information technology services, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 7.7m ( pounds 6.6m). Interim dividend is 1.1p (1p).

British Mohair, the textiles and engineering group, slipped to pounds 1m ( pounds 1.1m) pre-tax profit. Interim dividend is held at 1.4p.

Emess, commercial and domestic lighting supplier, fell to pounds 1.1m ( pounds 1.3m) pre-tax profit. No dividend (0.65p).

PCT Group, industrial tools and associated services provider, achieved pounds 925,000 ( pounds 560,000) pre- tax. Interim payout is 2.5p (same).

Hall Engineering, the international engineering group, saw pre-tax profits rise to pounds 1.55m ( pounds 1.2m). The interim dividend is held at 3.3p.

Pendragon, the car retailer and hirer, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 2.2m ( pounds 2m). Interim dividend is 2.2p (2p).

Erith, building materials distributor, incurred pounds 229,000 pre-tax loss (profit pounds 356,000). Interim dividend is cut to 0.35p (1.3p).

Ferrum Holdings, the engineering company that makes steel for the building industry, fell to pounds 424,000 ( pounds 1.4m). Interim dividend is held at 1.1p.

Reece made pounds 183,000 pre-tax loss (profit pounds 540,000). No dividend.

Robinson Brothers made pounds 736,000 ( pounds 758,000) pre-tax profit. The company said the interim dividend decision had not been taken.

Severfield-Reeve, which designs and erects structural steelworks, fell to a pounds 398,000 pre-tax loss from a pounds 505,000 profit.

TLS Range, the vehicle rental company, reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 267,000 to pounds 77,000.

European Project Investment Trust was unable to pay an interim dividend. Net asset value is lower at 44.6p (45.1p).

Lloyds Smaller Companies Investment Trust is paying an interim dividend of 1.7p. Net asset value is 85.4p.