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Davenport Knitwear increased the total dividend from 8.53p to 9.2p with pre-tax profits up 48 per cent at pounds 2.15m ( pounds 1.45m) for the year ended 31 December. Eps 84.5p (56.7p).

Year to 31 March

Cheam Group surged to pounds 4m ( pounds 3.1m) pre-tax profit. Turnover pounds 15.6m ( pounds 13.7m). Eps 41.9p (37.2p). Total dividend 14p (11p).

Cambridge Water Company lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 4.1m ( pounds 2.9m). Turnover pounds 14.5m ( pounds 14.3m). Eps 944p (726p). Total dividend 190p (170p).

Dart Group increased pre-tax profits to pounds 2.3m ( pounds 1.6m). Eps 10.6p (7.5p). Total dividend 3.7p (3.3p).

Faupel Trading managed pre-tax profits of pounds 1m (loss pounds 59,000). Eps 6.68p (lps 4.73p). Total dividend held at 4.9p.

James Latham climbed to pounds 1.3m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 2.2m), helped by a rise in turnover to pounds 71.5m ( pounds 60.8m). Eps 21.4p (lps 43.9p). Total dividend 4p (1.5p).

Wintrust improved pre-tax profits to pounds 2.5m ( pounds 2m). Eps 14.97p (11.19p). Total dividend 10.25p (9.3p).