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Half-year to 30 June Aminex, the oil, gas and precious metals exploration group, climbed from Ir pounds 125,000 taxable loss to Ir pounds 517,000 pre-tax profit. Earnings per share recovered to 0.01p (LPS 0.01p). No dividend.

Le Creuset, the French cast-iron cookware maker, reported a slight fall in pre-tax profits to pounds 1.1m ( pounds 1.2m), hit by exchange rates that cost the company more than pounds 100,000. Sales rose 10 per cent to pounds 21.3m ( pounds 19.3m). Earnings per share are 5p (4.8p).

Derwent Valley Holdings, the property developer and investment group, boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 3.8m ( pounds 1.1m). Earnings per share rose sharply to 12.61p (4.78p). The dividend is 1.58p (1.47p).

Glenchewton, distributor of toys, electrical components and housewares, reduced taxable losses from pounds 463,000 to pounds 293,000. Turnover slipped to pounds 8m ( pounds 8.2m). Loss per share was cut to 1.32p (2.09p).

Havelock Europa, the construction group, tripled pre-tax profits from pounds 505,000 to pounds 1.6m as turnover grew from pounds 12.7m to pounds 15.7m.

Earnings per share improved to 5.2p (1.9p). Dividend is 1p (nil).

Seafield, the warehousing, distribution and property company, turned around from a pounds 1.1m taxable loss to pounds 220,000 pre-tax profit. Turnover dropped to pounds 8m ( pounds 16.9m). Earnings per share recovered to 0.33p (LPS 1.6p).