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Year ended 31 December

Ulster TV boosted pre-tax profits from pounds 1.9m to pounds 4.2m, thanks to a 13 per cent rise in advertising revenue. Earnings per share rose to 24.2p (11.26p). Total dividend is 10p (7.5p).

Evered Bardon, aggregates business, dropped to pounds 18.2m ( pounds 26.9m) pre-tax profit and cut the total dividend from 5.6p to 2p. Earnings per share declined to 2.9p (5.1p).

British Dredging returned lower pre- tax profits of pounds 1.1m ( pounds 2.5m). Earnings per share were cut to 4.26p (9.89p). Total dividend is 5.2p (7.4p).

Corporate Services Group reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 2.1m to pounds 604,000. Loss per share is 1.85p (9.32p).

Gaskell, the carpets and tiles maker, halved its total dividend to 4.25p (8.5p) on pre-tax profits of pounds 131,000 ( pounds 255,000). Earnings per share fell to 1.6p (3.1p).

Kitty Little, the consumer products maker, climbed to pounds 150,000 pre-tax profits (loss pounds 306,000). Earnings per share were 1.05p (loss 1.96p). Total dividend is 1p (nil).

Rathbone Brothers increased pre-tax profits to pounds 4.1m ( pounds 3.1m). Earnings per share are 16.1p (3.12p). Total dividend is 6p (5p).

Shorco Group slid to pounds 206,000 ( pounds 293,000) pre-tax profits. Earnings per share fell to 4.2p (7.2p). Total dividend is held at 5.2p.

Tharsis achieved pounds 499,000 pre-tax profits against a pounds 290,000 loss previously. Earnings per share were 19.42p (loss 5.32p). Total dividend is 6p (3p).


London and Strathclyde Trust declared an unchanged dividend of 1.5p for the six months to 28 February.