Company News in Brief

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Cradley Group, involved in lithographic printing, boosted pre-tax profits from pounds 487,000 to pounds 1.1m in the six months to 31 December on increased turnover of pounds 17m ( pounds 13m). The company said profits benefited from a large one-off contract, which was unlikely to be repeated, but its magazine printing business returned a loss. Earnings per share grew to 2.3p (1p), but no dividend was declared.

Automated Security Holdings' pre- tax profits for the three months to 28 February were pounds 3.4m ( pounds 1.3m). Earnings per share 1.2p (LPS 0.1p).

Year ended 31 December

Brooks Service, the cleaning services group, reported pre-tax losses of pounds 392,000 (profit pounds 587,000). Brooks said cut-throat competition in rental services alongside a downturn in demand had led to margin reductions. Loss per share is 1.76p (EPS 3.25p). No dividend (4.05p).

Parambe, the art dealer, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 114,000 ( pounds 66,000). Earnings per share rose to 1.27p (0.79p). Total dividend is held at 1.1p.

Radamec, the engineer and electronics group, more than doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 832,000 ( pounds 345,000). Earnings per share rose to 4.6p (1.9p). Total dividend is 1.5p (0.5p).

Alexander Russell, building materials producer, incurred pounds 1.9m taxable loss (profit pounds 1.7m), depressed by a pounds 2.6m exceptional charge relating to the company's withdrawal from coal production in the US. Loss per share is 8.26p (earnings 3.32p). Total dividend is 1p (1.15p).

Tudor, the floor and wall tile supplier, slumped to a pounds 104,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 23,000). Despite a 34 per cent increase in turnover from pounds 12.5m to pounds 16.7m, operating profits fell to pounds 284,000 ( pounds 303,000). Loss per share is 1.16p (earnings 0.72p). Total dividend is cut to 0.25p (0.5p).