Company News in Brief

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Six months to 30 September

Faupel Trading Group, importer and supplier of low-cost clothing and household textiles, reported a fall in pre-tax profits from pounds 639,000 to pounds 404,000. Turnover pounds 13.4m (pounds 12.95m). EPS 2.87p (5.19p). Dividend held at 1.85p.

Jones & Shipman, the precision machine tools and equipment maker, incurred pounds 973,000 (pounds 981,000) taxable loss. Turnover pounds 5.4m (pounds 6.3m). LPS 8p (8.2p). No dividend.

Novo Group, the film archive and distributor, slipped to pounds 649,000 (pounds 670,000) pre-tax profit. Turnover pounds 8.4m (pounds 6m). EPS 0.97p (2.98p). Dividend 0.1p (0.3p).

Six months to 31 October

Forminster, which makes and sells outerwear, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 1.1m (pounds 967,000). EPS 26.74p (22.48p). Dividend 4.63p (4.04p).

Foreign & Colonial Smaller Companies, the investment trust, boosted taxable revenue to pounds 2.1m (pounds 46,000). Dividend raised to 0.7p (0.68p). Net asset value per share 169.1p (109.2p).

Mosaic Investments, the holding company that is made up of engineering, display, packaging and marketing, achieved a turnaround from pounds 2.4m taxable loss to pounds 416,000 pre-tax profits. Turnover pounds 10.3m (pounds 10.1m). EPS 0.24p (LPS 17.92p). No dividend.