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Industrial Control Services increased pre-tax profits to pounds 1.8m (pounds 2.4m) in six months to 30 November. Dividend is 1.33p.

Louis Newmark deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 993,000 (loss pounds 187,000) in the six months to 30 September.

Pantheon International Participations, formerly GT Venture Investment, saw net asset value per share rise to 177.7p (139.7p) over six months to 31 December.

Year ended 31 December

City Merchant High Yield Trust doubled the total dividend to 7.875p (3.25p). Net asset value per share is 105.7p (92.7p).

Drayton Far Eastern Trust's net asset value per share improved to 107.3p (96.3p). Total dividend is held at 0.625p.

Finsbury Smaller Companies IT declared a total dividend of 3p (2.9p). Net asset value per share is 116.7p (104.8p).

General Consolidated IT is paying 9.37p (10.41p) total dividend. Net asset value rose to 182p (155.6p).

River and Mercantile Trust lifted the total dividend payout to 9.2p (8.48p). Net asset value per share is 67.94p (63.18p).