Company News in Brief

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Partridge Fine Art rose to pounds 1.05m ( pounds 987,000) pre-tax profit in the six months to 30 April. EPS 3.22p (2.94p). Dividend is 1.2p (1p).

I&S Optimum Income Trust increased total dividend to 7.4p (7.25p) for year to 31 May. NAV per share is 95.02p (97.44p).

TR Technology held dividend at 1.75p for year to 30 April. NAV per share 172.28p (111.85p).

WB Industries incurred pounds 657,000 ( pounds 1m) pre-tax loss in the six months to 30 June. No dividend.

Gresham Telecomputing advanced to pounds 419,000 ( pounds 284,000) pre-tax profit in six months to 31 March. Earnings per share 0.86p (0.57p). No dividend.

Year ended 31 December

London & Metropolitan reduced taxable losses to pounds 19.6m ( pounds 26m). LPS is cut to 30.2p (44.3p).

Storm Group deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 2.1m ( pounds 848,000). LPS 2.8p (1.7p).

Year to 31 March

Compco Holdings lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 200,000 ( pounds 171,000). EPS 7.33p (5.33p). Total dividend held at 12.96p.

Gibbs Mew boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.2m ( pounds 633,000). EPS 19.51p (11.87p). Total dividend 7.5p (6.75p).

Umeco fell to pounds 211,000 ( pounds 312,000) pre- tax profit. Earnings per share 2.27p (3.3p). Total dividend held at 1.75p.