Company News in Brief

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Blacks Leisure incurred pounds 564,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 3.7m) for year to 28 February. LPS 1.63p (EPS 9.82p). Total dividend 2.25p (3.35p).

Dares Estates reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 28.5m to pounds 22.3m for year ended 31 December. LPS cut to 13.5p (15.7p).

Year to 31 January

Delyn Group lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 998,000 ( pounds 524,000). EPS 7.31p (3.32p). Total dividend 1.67p (1.45p).

Welpac deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 3m ( pounds 690,000). Loss per share 11.2p (4.1p). No dividend (0.2p).

Year to 31 March

James Cropper made pounds 1.25m ( pounds 1.1m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 9.4p (8.6p). Total dividend is 3.1p.

Penna achieved pounds 1.9m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 84,000). EPS 26.4p (LPS 1.6p). Total dividend 10p (2p).

Protean doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 1.1m ( pounds 2m). EPS 10.6p (8.29p). Total dividend 3.6p (2.75p).

Martin Shelton made pounds 407,000 ( pounds 302,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 5.73p (4.34p). Final dividend 1.5p.

600 Group cut pre-tax loss to pounds 2.4m ( pounds 2.5m). LPS falls to 5.9p (6.8p). Total dividend 2p (2.5p).

Six months to 31 March

Control Techniques boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 3.7m ( pounds 1.6m). EPS 5.9p (2.3p). Dividend 2.35p (2.15p).

Eldridge Pope & Co made pounds 203,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 84,000). EPS 0.86p (LPS 0.4p). Div 1.4p (1.31p).

GWR Group advanced pre-tax profits to pounds 316,000 ( pounds 254,000). Earnings per share 6.8p (5.7p). Dividend is 4p (3p).