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Year ended 31 December

Cakebread Robey made pounds 2.2m loss ( pounds 1.7m) pre-tax. LPS 32.5p (26.1p).

Explaura Hldgs lost pounds 2.4m ( pounds 2.1m) pre-tax. LPS 1.61p (1.66p). No div.

William Sindall incurred pounds 4.7m ( pounds 4.2m) pre-tax loss. Loss per share 83.3p (64.5p). Total dividend 0.1p.

Year to 31 March

Birkby achieved pounds 1.1m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 4.3m). Earnings per share 11.7p (Loss 1.2p). Total div 3.53p (nil).

Feedback made pounds 1.1m pre-tax profit ( pounds 366,000 loss). EPS 7.66p (LPS 3.37p). Total dividend 1.5p.

Joseph Hoyle & Son made pounds 513,000 ( pounds 23,000) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 32.07p (0.25p). No dividend.

Lister & Co increased pre-tax loss to pounds 2.9m ( pounds 2.8m). Loss per share 17.68p 17.11p. Total dividend held at 0.1p.

Walker & Staff fell to pounds 512,000 ( pounds 610,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 15.5p (18.5p). Total dividend held at 5p.

Year to 30 April

Debenham Tewson & Chinnocks lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 2.9m ( pounds 1.6m) EPS 5.13p (2.76p). Total div 3p (2.5p).

MS Intl, climbed from pounds 1.5m loss to pounds 460,000 pre-tax profit. EPS 1p (loss 5.5p). Total dividend held at 2.5p.

Six months to 31 March

Aukett Associates increased pre-tax losses to 2.25m ( pounds 1.2m). Loss per share 16.9p (7.31p). No dividend.

Six months to 30 April

Heavitree Brewery boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 401,000 ( pounds 232,000). EPS 3.2p (1.8p). Dividend held at 0.6p.

Domino Printing Sciences fell to pounds 3.7m ( pounds 4.6m). EPS eased to 9.35p (11.5p). Dividend is 2.65p (2.4p).