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Year ended 31 December

Barr and Wallace Arnold made pounds 3.7m ( pounds 4.3m) pre-tax. Total dividend 10p (same).

Gibbs and Dandy incurred pounds 124,000 pre-tax loss (loss pounds 754,000).

Johnston Press rose to pounds 9.8m ( pounds 7.4m) pre-tax. Total dividend is 6.25p (5.5p).

Lambert Howarth made pounds 3m ( pounds 3.3m) pre-tax. Total dividend is 13p (12.5p).

Richardsons Westgarth made pounds 1.9m ( pounds 1.8m) pre-tax. EPS 4.6p (5.9p). Total dividend 3p (2.9p).

Sheffield Insulations rose to pounds 2.95m ( pounds 1.5m) pre-tax. Total dividend 5.4p (same).

Arthur Wood & Son made pounds 77,000 ( pounds 261,000) pre-tax profit. Total dividend 1.5p (4.1p).

Six months to 31 December

Dorling Kindersley's pre-tax pounds 4.2m ( pounds 3.5m). Dividend is 1p.

Lincat Group boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 549,000 ( pounds 106,000). Dividend is 2p (1.8p)

Ricardo fell to pounds 875,000 ( pounds 1.2m) pre-tax profit. EPS 1.04p (2.48p). Dividend is held at 1.9p.

Town Centre Securities rose to pounds 3.6m ( pounds 3.3m) pre-tax profit. Dividend is 1.1p (1p).

Six months to 31 January

Barry Wehmiller lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 3.2m ( pounds 2.25m). EPS 5p (3.9p). Dividend held at 2.4p.

JD Wetherspoon achieved pounds 1.5m ( pounds 1m) pre-tax. EPS 5.9p (6.5p). Dividend is 1.8p (none).

Manganese Bronze made pounds 577,000 pre-tax (loss pounds 492,000). Dividend is 0.5p.