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Six months to 30 September Northern Industrial Improvement Trust achieved £224,000 (£220,000) pre-tax profit.

Peel Holdings climbed to £3m (£2.2m) pre-tax profit. Dividend 1.7p (1.3p).

Platignum slumped to £1.4m taxable loss (profit £398,000).

Williamson Tea slipped to £5.3m (£6.1m) pre-tax profit. Dividend held at 10p.

Six months to 31 October Court Cavendish boosted pre-tax profits to £2.2m (£450,000). Dividend 1.55p (1.35p).

Nobo Group, lifted pre-tax profits from £965,000 to just over £1m. Dividend 2.2p (2p).

Saville J Gordon rose to £3.1m (£2.6m) pre-tax profit. Dividend 1.1p (1p).

Wyko Group achieved £737,000 pre-tax profit (loss £333,000). Dividend 0.5p.

Others Central Motor Auctions's pre-tax profits fell to £65,000 (£862,000) in year to 31 October. Total dividend 2.75p (4p).

Everards Brewery made £2.6m (£1.9m) in the year to 24 August. Total dividend 14.2p (13.6p).

Explaura Holdings reduced taxable losses to £703,000 (£1.1m) in the half year to 30 June.

Kay's Food Group incurred £224,000 taxable loss in the nine months to 21 August.

South Country Homes incurred £124,000 taxable loss (profit £12,000) in year to 30 November.

Unidare made Ir£7.9m pre-tax profit (loss Ir£9.4m) in year to 30 September. Dividend Ir9.8p.