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Intermediate Capital Group achieved £17.9m (£14.6m) pre-tax profit for the year to 31 January. Eps 27.2p (28.7p). Total dividend is 11.5p (nil).

Year ended 31 December

Aran Energy rose to Ir£6.9m (Ir£5.7m) pre-tax profit. Eps Ir1.4p (Ir1.67p). No dividend.

Brake Brothers increased pre-tax profits to £23.5m (£19.1m). Eps 29.3p (27p). Total dividend is 8.12p (6.82p).

Fitzwilton climbed to Ir£8.4m pre-tax profit (loss Ir£13.8m). Eps Ir2.18p (Lps Ir13.74p). Total dividend is Ir2.25p (Ir3.5p).

Forth Ports hoisted pre-tax profits to £13.7m (£9.6m). Eps 30p.Total dividend 9.95p (7.5p).

Gaskell lifted pre-tax profits to £714,000 (£403,000). Eps 9.7p. Total dividend is held at 4.25p.

Healthcall Group's pre-tax profits rose to £.4m (£3.1m). Eps 8.6p (3.2p). Total dividend 4.5p (nil).

IoM Steam Packet Company showed a fall in pre-tax profits to £2.5m (£3.5m). Eps 7.6p (10.3p). Dividend held at 5.5p.

Monument Oil & Gas slipped to £7.6m (£7.9m) pre-tax profit. Eps 1.12p (1.22p). No dividend.

Nestor-BNA incurred £81,000 taxable loss (profit £4.5m). Total dividend is held at 3.15p.

Michael Page surged to £8.6m (£3.8m) pre-tax profit. Eps 8.96p. Total dividend is 3p (2.1p).

Royal Doulton quadrupled pre-tax profits to £12.6m (£3m). Eps 18.4p (Lps 5p). Total dividend 7.5p (6.6p).

Alexander Russell's pre-tax profits rose to £3m (£1.7m). Eps 6.78p. Total dividend 2.5p (1.75p).

Sharpe & Fisher pushed pre-tax profits to £4.4m (£2.35m). Eps 14p (9.2p). Total dividend 5p (4.2p).

Taylor Nelson increased pre-tax profits to £6.2m (£4.2m). Eps 1.83p. Total dividend 0.64p (0.45p).

T&S Stores' pre-tax profits grew to £13.9m (£12.6m). Eps 14.53p. Total dividend 6.5p (6.1p).

Tele-Cine Cell jumped to £2.3m (£1m) pre-tax profit. Eps 15.2p (6.5p). Total dividend is 1.21p.

Ulster TV's pre-tax profits improved to £7.5m (£5.1m). Eps 48.16p. Total dividend is 20p (15p).

Six months to 31 December

Graystone surged to £3m (£1.15m) pre-tax profit. Eps 0.64p. Dividend is 0.18p (0.1p).

Tay Homes' pre-tax profits roseto £2.05m (£1.2m). Eps 4.61p. Dividend is 1.55p (1.35p).