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Year to 31 March

Alba, the audio, television and electronic equipment supplier, increased pre-tax profits from pounds 3.1m to pounds 5.1m. The company said strong growth at its UK electronics companies had continued. Turnover rose from pounds 110.9m to pounds 113.4m. Earnings per share were 8.32p (3.36p). Total dividend was raised from 4.75p to 4.85p.

Hewetson, the building accessories manufacturer declined to pounds 503,000 ( pounds 745,000) pre-tax profit. Turnover fell to pounds 28.6m ( pounds 32.4m). Earnings per share were 1.36p (2.99p). Final dividend is 0.75p, making 1.25p (2.6p).

Platignum, pen maker, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 713,000 ( pounds 405,000) on sales down to pounds 15.1m ( pounds 17.1m). Earnings per share were 2.88p (1.98p). Final dividend is 0.25p, making 0.5p (nil).

Year ended 31 December

Camellia, the tea estates and fine art group, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 11.5m ( pounds 7.9m). Earnings per share were boosted from 41p to 114.24p. Final dividend is 17p, making 29p (27p).

Grand Central Investment is to pay 0.45p final dividend, making 1.25p (1.15p) total payout after pre-tax profits improved from pounds 922,000 to pounds 1.6m.


Greenwich Communications, cable and satellite television equipment supplier, cut pre-tax losses from pounds 92,000 to pounds 23,000 in the six months to 28 February. Loss per share fell to 0.31p (1.33p). No dividend.

Widney, which makes vending and water treatment equipment, increased pre-tax losses from pounds 155,000 to pounds 417,000 in the six months to 31 March on turnover up slightly at pounds 9.9m ( pounds 9.7m). Loss per share worsened from 0.43p to 0.91p.