Company Results

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Turnover pounds Pre-Tax pounds EPS Dividend

Adwest Group (F) 202m (148m) 14.8m (11.4m) 12.5p (10.4p) 5.5p (5.4p)

Brake Bros (I) 214m (189m) 11.6m (8.86m) 14.7p (11.1p) 2.7p (2.3p)

Community Hospitals (F) 63.4m (57.6m) 8.54m (7.74m) 17.9p (17.2p) 8.8p (7.9p)

Cornwell Parker (F) 85.5m (89.9m) -0.94m (3.15m) -2.4p (4.6p) 0.6p (5.7p)

Edinburgh Fnd Mngrs (I) - (-) 6.52m (7.39m) 23.1p (26.7p) 8p (8p)

EIS Group (I) 196m (154m) 9.49m (8.93m) 14p (13.3p) 3.5p (3.4p)

European Leisure (F) 68.2m (66.1m) 4.1m (-0.5m) 31.2p(-7.4p) nil (nil)

Hodder Headline (I) 38.2m (34.1m) 2.14m (2.05m) 4.2p (3.8p) 2.0p (2.0p)

Servisair (I) 57.7m (48.9m) 1.45m (0.35m) 2.6p (0.9p) 1.4p (-)

T&S Stores (I) 217m (201m) 8.1m (7m) 8.35p (7.27p) 2.8p (2.6p)

(Q) - Quarterly (F) - Final (I) - Interim