Court stops Lonrho's Fayed case

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A HIGH COURT damages action by Lonrho, the international trading group, and its chief executive, Roland 'Tiny' Rowland, alleging a dirty tricks campaign by the Fayed brothers during the row over the ownership of House of Fraser and Harrods was ordered to be 'struck out' by a judge yesterday, writes John Moore.

Mr Justice Macpherson said the action, launched in July 1991, was another round in the 'prolonged public warfare with no holds barred' between the two sides over the House of Fraser group.

If the action were allowed to go ahead it would inevitably involve raking over the whole dispute with 'mud slung in all directions', he said. 'The court cannot stop the public vendetta, but it can prevent the parties misusing the court as their alternative arena.'

Lonrho and Mr Rowland were ordered to pay the costs of House of Fraser's application to have the action struck out. Lonrho was refused leave to appeal, but its lawyers said later there were good grounds for appeal and further moves would be considered.