Elusive peace of mind

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HOW would you like an opportunity to join an exclusive club, which will offer you an income opportunity that is 'totally unique'?

You are further offered real peace of mind in all areas of your life, and of course the real bonus - you can help others by giving them the gift of membership of the club.

You are assured: 'The system works because everyone really does WIN]]]'

Such are the grandiose claims in the promotional literature of the Peace of Mind Club, in Bolton, Lancashire.

If that sounds too good to be true, it adds: 'We will be here to welcome you today, tomorrow, next month, next year - whenever you are ready to change your life and enjoy Peace of Mind.'

Unfortunately, all this peace of mind does not come free. There is the small matter of a pounds 30 registration fee, and then a contribution of pounds 55 a month.

But according to the club, each pounds 55 entry gives you a dividend of pounds 300, paid out in three payments of pounds 100.

And if you get someone else to join the club, you get a one- off pounds 110.

Basically, it is another scheme where you pay money in and are promised even bigger payments out.

The club has been trading since 6 June 1994. According to Fran Lomax, a director of Peace of Mind: 'With the gifting system, we can prove it actually works for people.'

Mr Lomax, however, was unable to comment on how the scheme actually works. He could only suggest that we ring back this week to speak to another director, Mark Hodgkinson.

Richard Lindley, principal trading standards officer for Bolton, said last week: 'The scheme does not transgress any trading standards legislation. We have passed all our papers to the Department of Trade and Industry.'

However, the DTI would neither confirm or deny it was investigating the Peace of Mind Club.