Hezza, his mark: Bunhill

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BY FAR the most gripping feature of the latest issue of FEInterface, one of those gung-ho publications associated with what used to be called the Board of Trade, was President Hezza's signature. It may just seem a scrawl, but Bunhill's consultantgraphologist was more understanding. To begin with she was quite surprised: "I had thought it would be enormous,'' she gasped, but went on to defend it. "Remember, it's not really a signature, it's an image, a hieroglyphic - you know, his mark, a seal, like kings used to have. And the original is probably rather heavier and more decisive. Looked at as a picture it's quite balanced, showing someone who's capable of translating ideas into reality."

She went on to compare Hezza's mark, favourably with the "aggressive and spiteful" mark made by another leading politician with a much more peaceable reputation. But I stopped listening when she went on to describe the allegedly twisted character revealed by my writing.