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Carclo Engineering, which makes wires and cables and plastic products, advanced from £5.2m to £7.3m pre-tax profit in the six months to September as turnover jumped 23 per cent to £85.5m. EPS rose from 6.9p to 8.2p. Dividend is 3.2p (1.9p).

Robert H Lowe, the casual, sports and leisure wear maker, turned around from £11.8m taxable loss to £782,000 pre-tax profit for the year to October. EPS recovered to 1.32p (LPS 26.45p). No dividend.

Pelican Group, the restaurants operator, increased pre-tax profits from £960,000 to £1.35m in the six months to September as turnover more than doubled from £6.7m to £13.6m. EPS, however, slipped to 1.6p (1.95p). Dividend is 0.5p.

Slimma, which makes ladieswear, eased from £1.15m to a little over £1m for the year to September. Turnover edged ahead to £17m (£15.2m). EPS fell to 8p (9.6p). Final dividend is 2.6p, making 3.9p .

Soundtracs, the audio equipment maker, recorded higher pre-tax profits of £714,000 (£616,000) for the year to October, enhanced by better turnover of £7.1m (£5.5m). EPS improved to 4.66p (4.09p). Total dividend is 2.5p (2.4p).

Tamaris, provider of care facilities for the elderly, made pre-tax profits of £118,000 (£2,000) in the six months to September. Turnover was ahead at £1.9m (£1.75m). EPS increased to 0.05p (0.01p). No dividend.