Lonrho picks two outsiders

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LONRHO'S moves towards greater openness edged forward yesterday when the conglomerate announced the appointment of two independent trustees to its pension scheme, writes Russell Hotten.

Robert Dunlop, deputy chairman, said Lonrho had been considering the move for more than a year. But sources close to Dieter Bock, who has been battling with his joint chief executive, Roland 'Tiny' Rowland, for more accountability at the company, said it was part of his campaign to 'normalise' Lonrho.

The two trustees are Terence Arthur, founder of the actuary TG Arthur Hargrave, which merged with Bacon Woodrow, and James Scott, a partner at BDO Binder Hamlyn, a former Department of Trade inspector and now member of the Restrictive Practices Court.

On Tuesday Mr Bock secured the appointment of two non-executives to the Lonrho board - Peter Harper, of Hanson, and Stephen Walls, of Albert Fisher. But Mr Rowland won agreement that Sir John Leahy, a former director of the Observer, should also join.