McDonald's all-day breakfast is coming

Soon US customers will be able to get an Egg McMuffin at dinner time

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McDonald’s will start serving all-day breakfast in the US on October 6, following several months of testing in chosen stores.

Customers have long argued that there would be nothing better than a McMuffin for dinner. Now company executives have come round to the idea – not least because selling the Egg McMuffin sandwich all day could increase sales by as much as 2.5 per cent a year.

Franchises have voted to approve a plan, a McDonald’s spokeswoman told Bloomberg, and it’s now being rolled out Nationwide. Rather than sell the whole breakfast menu all day, franchises will sell either muffin or biscuit-based sandwiches, plus hot cakes, sausage burritos, fruit and yoghurt parfaits, oatmeal and hash browns.

Franchises can also choose whether to drop other items from the menu to make way for McMuffins. Lisa McComb, the spokesperson, said that core items, such as the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, McNuggets and fries would still be available.

All-day breakfast is only available in the US for now.