Motoring: My Worst Car- Andrea McLean's Ford Fiesta

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Throughout my motoring career I have driven nothing but Ford Fiestas. I once owned one - I called it Christine - which seemed possessed, constantly broke down and was written off after six months. However, I admit that my worst experience in the little car was more my fault than the Fiesta's.

I was 17 years old and had just passed my test. My friends and I had been on a big night out in Leicester.

On the way home we noticed how busy the lanes were. Then I saw warning triangles with "flood" on them. I thought we'd be fine - even when I saw water lapping half-way up the tree trunks. Then we drove past a van with people sitting on the roof, shouting at us to turn back. We didn't. By this time we were getting wet feet. I was adding to the amount of water in the car by crying. After all, this was my mum's car.

The water continued to get higher and at one point it lapped over the bonnet and the headlamps were spookily submerged. We made it to dry land. My theory is that the weight of four people kept the car in contact with the road.

Incredibly, the Fiesta kept going - long enough for me to drive around dropping off my soggy friends at their homes. Every time I opened the door, water sloshed out, and the headlamps kept flickering. Eventually, of course, the lights went out and it stopped altogether. Then it was time to phone a parent for help.

Believe it or not, the car lasted for another 11 years, although it always smelt a bit funny. The moral for me is: pay attention to weather forecasts before you go out.

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