Brown urged to act over Lloyds jobs axe

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Prime Minister Gordon Brown was today urged to send a message to bank bosses at Lloyds that further jobs cuts would be "totally unacceptable"

The Lloyds Banking Group announced yesterday it will axe 2,100 posts across the UK.

That takes the total posts axed this year by Lloyds - which merged with Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) - to more than 7,000.

Labour MP Linda Riordan (Halifax) raised the issue with Mr Brown at Prime Minister's question time.

And she said: "Following job cuts announced by Lloyds would you assure banking staff in my constituency that you will do all you can to protect their jobs."

She also asked the Prime Minister to join her "in sending a clear message to Lloyds Banking Group that further jobs losses would be totally unacceptable."

Mr Brown told her he had spoken to bank staff in the area and said: "I understand their frustrations at what is happening.

"They have served the bank well and they are the victims of what has happened to HBOS in its worldwide activity, and particularly its failures in other countries."

He continued: "We will do what we can to help the staff of Halifax HBOS/Lloyds TSB.

"We are also making it possible for people to have new facilities to find jobs in the area and we will do what we can to reduce unemployment in these difficult circumstances."