Business Diary: A subtle message to a sworn enemy?

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Our eye is caught by a briefing note published last week by broker Tullet Prebon entitled "The Dick Turpin Generation". This debate about the cost of baby boomers was published a day before the High Court handed Tullet victory in its legal battle over staff poached by rival BGC. Daylight robbery, Tullet had claimed.

Lewis secures a double for latest extract

Good to hear from Michael Lewis, the former Salomon bond trader whose book Liar's Poker remains the best account of greed on Wall Street in the Eighties. The excerpt from his new book, published in a Saturday newspaper, was fascinating reading. Lewis hasn't lost all the tricks of his former trade – he managed to sell an almost identical excerpt to The Sunday Times just a day later.

Admiral has a tough act to follow

Why has the insurer Admiral, with its US chief executive, signed up to sponsor the Welsh national rugby side? The answer is that it is the only FTSE 100 company to be headquartered in the principality. Still, we will miss current shirt sponsor Brains. When Wales played in Paris in 2005, the brewer's name was changed to "Brawn" to get round a French ban on alcohol advertising. Back in Paris two years ago, the Welsh went for "Brawn Again", above. Admiral has a lot to live up to.

Where all your petrol money goes

Wondering why your petrol costs so much? Well, this survey might help to explain it. Hays Oil & Gas says the average oil and gas professional employed in the UK earns an annual salary of £92,000, compared to the average wage of about £25,000.

BA claims a monopoly on accuracy

Fury at British Airways about media reporting of its dispute with Unite – specifically that journalists have been giving equal weight to the claims made by both sides about the impact of the strike. "As a PLC, British Airways is legally obliged to ensure it does not release information that is misleading or inaccurate," the airline says sniffily. "Unite and its cabin crew branch BASSA are under no such legal constraints."

Number of the day: £460m

The fortune of Albert Gubay, founder of the now defunct Kwik Save stores, who plans to give almost all of it to charity