Business Diary: Enron is still mining rich seam

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Enron the play may have tanked on its New York outing, but it is still attracting sell-out audiences in London's West End. Spotted at a showing over the bank holiday weekend: Anil Agarwal, of Vedanta Resources – or at least someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to the mining company's top man. Vedanta has its own crosses to bear, reputationally-speaking, so it must have been comforting for Agarwal to watch a company that is in a league of its own on that score.

It never rains but it pours

More problems for oil major BP. While boss Tony Hayward is away dealing with that terrible spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Duke of Northumberland has seized his moment to chuck a wobbly back home. He has asked Northumberland County Council for permission to build a petrol station just off the A1 outside his home at Alnwick. BP has a monopoly on supplying the town with petrol, you see, and the Duke says it is too expensive.

The guilt-free chocolate bars

One door shuts and another opens. If you are still feeling depressed about the sale of confectionery giant Cadbury to the Americans, British Butler is a new venture that wants you to know there is a patriotic alternative to sticking with Creme Eggs and Dairy Milk. The Bristol-based company is hoping to cash in on the Cadbury backlash with two new chocolate bars that it promises are made in Britain – Snapper and Lash. They sound delicious to us.

Bankers drink deep again

Dealbreaker, the American financial gossip website, reveals that a new craze has taken hold among the more impressionable folk on Wall Street – "icing". The idea is to surprise a colleague with a bottle of the alcopop Smirnoff Ice, which he then has to empty while crouching on one knee (unless he pulls out his own bottle, in which case you have to drink both). Juvenile, certainly, but confirmed icings have now taken place up and down Wall Street – including at Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Scotland.